The Unexpected Vegetable That Keeps Wasps Far Away From Your Garden

Are wasps preventing you from enjoying your garden? It doesn't matter if you have an allergy or not — these pests can prove problematic, which means you need a gardening hack that keeps wasps out. Otherwise, you run the risk of allowing them to damage the plants you're working hard to grow. Although wasps may provide some level of insect control by eating other pests, they'll also nibble on your fruits. Luckily, you can use sliced cucumbers to keep them away from your garden once and for all.

Aside from eating your plants, a wasp infestation could quickly turn into an issue in your home. Wasp nests are commonly made from wood and saliva, so you may notice damage around your home's exterior, including your deck, if you have one. Instead of waiting for wasps to damage your garden or possibly invade other parts of your property, grab some cucumber slices and use this incredible hack to keep them away.

Start slicing some cucumbers

The best way to implement this hack is by slicing your cucumbers. This allows you to spread them around your vegetable garden or wherever you notice wasps buzzing about. While other hacks require you to grab a spray bottle and a few items, this hack is as easy as slicing your cucumber and placing the pieces around your garden. You can take this hack a step further and place cucumber slices on a homemade aluminum foil pan. When cucumbers interact with aluminum foil, a chemical reaction occurs that repels insects. You might find that this hack also works to deter a variety of other pests from your garden, including slugs

If you notice wasps are mainly in your garden, focus your attention here, placing cucumber slices wherever you have an issue with them. If they're buzzing about other parts of your yard, simply add some cucumber slices to a dish or aluminum pan and place them there. Replace cucumber slices as needed, especially if your local wildlife snacks on them. When you're enjoying your outdoor space, be sure to have a few cucumber slices handy to keep wasps away.

Why wasps hate cucumbers

It's believed that something in the peel of a cucumber repels wasps, most likely the acidity. However, if you're fresh out of cucumber and don't have time to run to the store, you can also use basil or bay leaves to repel wasps, two common spices you may already have growing in your garden or stashed away in your pantry. Wasps also hate the smell of coffee grounds, cinnamon, and vinegar, items you can use until you can get some cucumber slices to spread around your garden. 

The best part about cucumber slices is you can add them to your salad, enjoying a cool, crisp vegetable while keeping wasps away from your food. Anytime you're eating a meal outdoors (especially one prepared with fresh vegetables from your garden), be sure to have a few slices of cucumbers handy. If you have an ant problem, you'll find that cucumber slices repel them as well, making this a double-duty hack every gardener needs to know about.