Removing The T-Posts From Your Garden? Use This TikTok Hack For A Speedy Process

T-posts are incredibly useful, especially if you're working with fencing on large areas of land. Many people use fencing to enclose their yards or create animal pens. However, while they're certainly handy, they can be challenging to remove, especially if they're buried quite deep into the ground. Perhaps you have already been through the frustrating process of trying to remove them to no avail. If tugging or pulling them out isn't an option, what's the solution? Thankfully, one user on TikTok known as @delancyacre has a handy fix for this t-post issue. Even better, it works — meaning you should be able to relocate or store your t-posts in no time.

You'll only need a hollow metal pole and your t-posts for this TikTok hack. The metal pole will help you pull the t-post from the depths of the ground and safely into your hands. As a result, you can remove them with ease. So, what are you waiting for?

Use a hollow metal pole for leverage

If you want to try this hack for yourself, it's relatively simple. All you need to do is put a metal pole at an angle in the ground so that it leans towards your t-post, as shown in the TikTok video by @delancyacre. The top of it should sit comfortably underneath one of the hooks toward the bottom of the post, providing leverage that will help you pull the post from the ground. Now, you just need to grab the top of your t-post and push it against the metal pole, lifting simultaneously. Of course, you may need to apply a little bit of force. As you pull the t-post toward you, your metal pole at the bottom should also lean toward you. Repeat this movement as needed until the t-post slips out from the ground.

When it comes to your metal pole, opt for something wide so your t-post has plenty of surface area to lean on. This should assist you with its removal, making the whole process much faster. Now, you should be left with a t-post-free area. Your next steps are up to you.

It helps to pull your t-post

Using a metal pole to assist you in removing your t-posts helps to add some extra lift and power, making it more difficult for the pole to sink back into the ground as you pull it out. While it may take a bit of practice, the aid of the metal pole should make it a lot easier to maneuver your t-posts and help you to remove them quickly. 

However, if you don't have a metal pole on hand, you could always try using a thick piece of wood in its place. Just make sure it's at least half the size of your metal pole and that the ground is dry; otherwise, the support you're using could sink back into the ground as the pressure mounts. This is a crucial step if you want this TikTok t-post hack to work. If you're swapping your t-posts out for wooden ones, brush up on ways you can help prevent your fence posts from rotting.