The Must-Try Swiffer Hack That'll Change The Way You Clean Your Shower

At best, cleaning the back and side walls of your shower is a pain in the neck. At worst, it's a dangerous task if you need to balance a stepladder inside your bathtub in order to reach the top. Of course, it's important to wash your walls to prevent or remove any mold growing in the grout or on the wall. This is because the moisture from the tropical conditions in your bathroom creates conditions for mold to grow more easily than anywhere else in your house, and this can be dangerous to your health. If you hate completing this annoying cleaning task, try using a Swiffer to make it easier.

Between the length of the mop and your ability to secure a cleaning cloth to the mop head, washing the shower with this tool is a must-try, and it works beautifully. Further, you don't have to use the pre-moistened Swiffer wet cloths, as there are other products you can attach to your Swiffer mop. This shower cleaning hack will make achieving a sparkling-clean bathroom much easier and safer, as you won't have to use a ladder or stretch to reach high areas.

How to prep your Swiffer to clean your shower walls

This hack only works for cleaning the walls and not the glass doors of your shower, which require different cleaners and methods to achieve a streak-free result. If you have a washcloth or microfiber cloth that is the perfect size to attach onto the head of the Swiffer, that's a great choice. Alternatively, a yoga sock that has little rubber grippies on the soles could be used instead.

We recommend that you prepare this cleaner before you start washing your shower. Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar, which is a versatile cleaning tool that can be used throughout the home, and warm water in a bucket or bowl. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle with a funnel. Moisten your Swiffer cloth with water, then directly spray the wall and scrub with your Swiffer mop. After all the walls have been cleaned, swap out the wet cloth for a dry one, then dry the walls. This will eliminate streaks and leave behind a clean sparkle.