The Vacuum Hack That'll Make Finding Dropped Jewelry A Breeze

When you vacuum, you're obviously hoping to suck up dust, dirt, and possibly a fair share of pet hair that may be forming tumbleweed-like tufts in the room. At the same time, you can put your vacuum to good use in another handy-dandy way. If you happen to drop a small piece of jewelry and can't seem to spot it, your vacuum cleaner could come to the rescue. No one wants to have to search every inch of a room for hours on end or even risk stepping on and possibly damaging what might be a precious item. Instead, simply follow a particularly helpful hack that involves slipping an old pair of pantyhose, tights, sheer leggings, or something that's just as thin onto the end of your vacuum hose. You'll most likely want to use your smallest hose attachment so that you can give your vacuum the longest reach possible.

As you go over areas where the item may have been lost, the hose will hopefully pick it up. Of course, if you do this with your vacuum as is, then you risk sucking your jewelry right into the nasty canister, bag, or wherever grime ends up after it's lifted from your floors. That's why you need the pantyhose for extra gem-finding support. This easy-peasy trick can also help you locate missing contact lenses, shards of glass, tiny (and potentially painful) pieces of Lego, or pretty much any other mini object you've misplaced. You simply need to know how to do it properly.

Secure pantyhose to your vacuum to safely find jewelry

This may seem like a relatively straightforward hack, and it definitely is. However, you also want to take a few key steps to make sure that this method works correctly and doesn't end up backfiring on you. First, you need to ensure that the pantyhose (or whatever you're using) are securely placed on the vacuum hose or nozzle. In order to do this, use a hair elastic, rubber band, or an old scrunchie and twist it tightly around the pantyhose a few inches below the opening of the vacuum.

This opening needs to be completely covered by the thin material or you risk your missing jewelry slipping through and being sucked inside. If you're worried and want to be extra cautious, add a double layer of pantyhose. Just make sure that it's not too thick so that the air can still pass through with strong suction. After you've located your formerly lost item — which should end up being sucked up against the pantyhose at the vacuum's opening — keep the suction turned on. Move away from your carpet, rug, vent, or furniture where the piece went missing to avoid dropping it again. Once you're in a safe spot, turn your vacuum off, and your tiny treasure should drop right into your hand.