Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home With A Simple Fruit Trick

With their high citric acid content and strong aroma, lemons are potent natural insect deterrents. The secret lies in their juice and peels, which can be used to keep bugs at bay. While the citric acid in lemon juice is a powerful natural cleaner, this same acid is also a formidable insect repellent.

Insects have a powerful sense of smell, and the strong, fresh scent of lemons is something they find unpleasant. This aroma can be used to significant effect around the house. Not only can it can mask the smell of food and other lures that might attract insects into your home, but this natural insect repellent can also be used strategically near any potential entry points for pests. Lemon juice and peels offer a natural, effective solution for keeping bugs away. Combining citric acid, fresh scents, and citrus oil makes lemons a versatile and cost-effective tool for various household uses.

How to use lemons to keep bugs away

Lemon juice and peels are affordable and versatile tools that effectively deter bugs from windowsills. You can use them to keep pests at bay in two ways. First, consider running lemon rinds and peels along your window or door sills before discarding them. This leaves the strong scent behind to keep bugs away. All you need to do is rub the rind or peel along the windowsill or threshold before tossing it, so that it leaves its scent-filled oils behind.

For a longer term solution, strategically place strips of these peels inside cloth or empty tea bags on windowsills, door thresholds, or near any other potential entry points for pests. The citrus oil found in the peel has been used for ages as a weapon against various insects. Positioning these peels around your home can prevent spiders, ants, and other unwelcome visitors.