TikTok's Genius Secret To Painting A Door Quicker And Easier Than Ever

Painting is a simple way to upgrade the aesthetics of any household surface, and what makes a more significant impact than a vibrantly painted door? However, this seemingly simple upgrade can often be trickier and more time-consuming than painting other surfaces, such as kitchen cupboards, desks, or bookcases. This is because not only do you have to paint both sides, but you may even have to take your door out from the frame entirely.

While this usually boils down to personal choice, there is a step that you could add to the process that involves using screws and makes painting a door quicker and easier than ever. This magic trick shared by one user on TikTok can open up a whole new world of possibilities, making this impactful DIY project a breeze. Thankfully, all you will need for this DIY paint hack is a few simple tools and the door you want to give a makeover.

Using TikTok's screw hack to paint your door

According to TikTok user @ken.c.long, all you'll need for this hack are some screws, a screwdriver, and two solid stands to prop your door on top of. "Instead of putting it on saw horses like this and only being able to paint one side at a time, measure out to the middle of the door and put a screw in the top and the bottom. Now you can paint both sides of the door at the same time," the content creator explains.

Simply spin the door around on the screw hinges you created to make it face your desired direction before grabbing your paintbrush and commencing the transformation. To keep your workspace clean, you can always lay a sheet underneath in case excess paint spills or drips onto the floor. Sheets of old newspapers or an old bedsheet are perfect for this.

However, it's essential to select strong screws that can handle the door's weight instead of something small and thin. If you're a seasoned DIYer, the entire hack should be a breeze. However, don't worry if it takes a bit of extra time. The most crucial concern is that the hack works correctly.

It may be difficult with certain doors

One of the reasons that this hack works so well all comes down to the screws, which allow it to spin freely while still being secure at the same time. However, some criticisms left by users on TikTok suggest that this may not work for all doors or even work that well at all. For example, one user commented: "When someone tries this with a hollow fire-rated door," while another comment added: "Except it spins when [you] put pressure on it." To rectify this issue, one user suggested, "You need two more screws to keep it from moving." However, it may still be hard to control even when adopting this tip. 

Regarding door types, the comments suggest it may be more difficult if you have a hollow door, but not impossible. This is because the door may spin more easily. What you choose will be up to you. If you decide against this hack, there are still ways you can paint your door while it's attached to its hinges. However, this method will also require preparation and patience on your behalf.