The Overrated Flooring Request Christina Hall Always Gets From Clients

Moving into a new place usually means undertaking some sort of renovation work, and this particularly applies to flooring. It's typical to want to swap out existing floor for something that's more your style, or update flooring that is fine physically but looks a little old-fashioned. However, design expert Christina Hall has advice for those looking to switch up their flooring, and it pertains to not feeling the need to match the flooring in every room. In spite of what you may think, Hall actually dissuades homeowners from uprooting all existing flooring.

Not only will keeping some of the original flooring save you money, but it's also a great option if you have bought an older home and want to preserve as many of the original features as you can. Plus, though there are several ways to seamlessly integrate mismatched flooring in your home, you can also find flooring that's a close match to the section of flooring you want to keep. Below is a good example of a time when Hall took a client's wishes on board and worked with what was already in a house instead of starting from scratch.

A key takeaway from the episode was that things don't need to match 100%

In Season 4, Episode 5of "Christina on the Coast," Christina Hall helped her friends Amy and Scott renovate their kitchen and living room for a more open space that lent itself to socializing better. From the beginning, the pair asked Hall if she could find flooring that matched the floor already in the front family room. Per their request, Hall circled back with two samples, one that was almost identical to the existing flooring and another featuring a slightly lighter hue. 

Opting for the latter, Amy loved that the lighter hue of the flooring sample had the same look as the existing floor but with the added bonus of making the space appear brighter. In general, whether you opt for solid or engineered wood flooring, wooden floor is a good option if you want to utilize what's already down in your home. Flooring choices like carpet are slightly more difficult to color match, but, as wooden flooring contains lots of different shades and imperfections naturally, there isn't as much pressure to find a perfect match. If you're thinking of renovating your floor soon, take Hall's advice on board and see if you can find a halfway point between renovating completely and using what's already down.