A Word Of Caution To Keep In Mind If Using Cardboard In Your Garden

Here's the deal: we're always open to suggestions for repurposing our massive collection of Amazon cardboard boxes. And if you have any advice to enhance our gardening skills, we're all ears. One unique hack combines the best of both worlds, as some individuals believe that creating a lasagna-style layer of cardboard and mulch can effectively prevent weeds in the garden. However, while we cannot fully discredit the concept of cardboard gardening, it does warrant some caution. Before you eagerly head out to entice those earthworms with your recycled boxes, there are some best practices you'll want to take note of.

In general, the natural process of composting enhances your garden's overall health and productivity, helping to alleviate pesky weed growth. While cardboard is compostable, not all types of this corrugated paper are suitable for this purpose. Therefore, achieving any sort of success with this gardening strategy greatly depends on the quantity and type of cardboard you choose to use.

Choose quality over quantity when selecting cardboard for your garden

The adage "the more, the merrier" does not quite apply when it comes to using cardboard in your garden. Excessive use of this paper-based material can hinder moisture absorption and interfere with the gas exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. If you choose to use the sheet mulch method, it is best to apply only a single layer of moistened cardboard and then cover it with organic matter or mulch.

When using cardboard in your garden for weed control and other benefits, it is crucial to be selective. Opt for plain, unadorned cardboard that is free from ink prints, tape, wax coatings, and glue. The additives and chemicals in other types of cardboard may not decompose and could potentially harm the soil health. Remember, we are talking about your precious garden here. So, if you are considering using cardboard, exercise caution and ensure you take the appropriate steps for a successful and safe garden experience.