The Bathroom Necessity That Works Wonders On Squeaky Door Hinges

If you have guests staying overnight, or even a new baby, you become aware of your home in new ways, including the noise levels. When you're trying to make your space comfortable for others, the sound of your appliances, home overall, and neighborhood reassert themselves in obvious ways. A squeaky door hinge can suddenly become intolerable and wake up light sleepers. The bathroom necessity we found that takes care of it beautifully? It's a can of regular old shaving cream. 

Although as DIYers, renters, and homeowners we're all supposed to have an endless, unexpired supply of baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and WD-40, we might not all be fully stocked with every miracle substance at every hour. And WD-40 probably shouldn't be used on door hinges anyway, as it attracts dust and can actually make the problem worse. Here is why shaving cream is the ideal alternative in a pinch.

How to de-squeak door hinges

You need three things for this to work: squeaky hinges, a bottle of shaving cream, and a small towel. Without overdoing it, spray a line of shaving cream into each hinge. Go to the other side of the door and do the same on the other side. Put down the shaving cream and wave the door back and forth several times to work the cream inside the hinges. Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so. Take the towel and remove the excess shaving cream from each side of the hinge, and you should have successfully de-squeaked the door.

A couple of key ingredients in most shaving creams are glycerin and coconut fatty acids. Glycerin is a lubricant and coconut fatty acids are used in the making of lubricants, so no need to worry about using shaving cream on a piece of hardware like door hinges. It's an easy, quick fix with no downside.