The Quickest And Easiest Way To Defrost A Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are perfect for any space, whether you fill them with must-have skincare or delectable drinks and snacks. These appliances are a combination of convenience and efficiency. However, part of maintaining this tiny cooling box is defrosting it. Ice build-up takes up valuable real estate inside your mini fridge. Although limiting the amount of ice cream you can fit in the freezer compartment is cumbersome, frost accumulation also weakens the appliance's efficiency.

When there is frost build-up, the mini fridge has to put in overtime to maintain the optimal temperature and ultimately consumes more energy. Luckily, you can easily defrost the refrigerator by turning it off and letting everything come to room temperature and melt. You should do this at least once a year, or every time you deep clean the refrigerator. It can take up to two days to fully defrost, or even less if you follow these helpful tips.

How to defrost a mini fridge

To defrost your mini fridge, first remove all items from the appliance, including food, ice trays, shelves, and drawers. Prep your area with bath towels or any thick absorbent material to soak up the melting ice. Unplug the mini fridge and leave the main door and door to the freezer section open. The decreasing temperature will naturally thaw the frozen water accumulated on the walls and ceiling. However, you can speed up the defrosting process with a few tricks.

Using a silicon spatula or plastic knife, gently scrap off the clumps of ice stuck on the appliance. Be careful not to scratch your mini fridge, though. Once the excess chucks are discarded, place a bowl or pot of boiling-hot water into the open fridge. The steam will help the frost melt faster. You can also apply a hot rag directly to the remaining frost to loosen it.

While the steam does its work, wash the shelves and drawers with soapy water. After all the ice liquefies, wipe the inside of the appliance and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Reinstall all the pieces and plug the fridge back in. Wait for the temperature to return to the recommended setting before storing food. Now your mini fridge is clean, frost-free, and good as new.