The Simple Wine Cork Hack That'll Silence Noisy Cabinet Doors

According to Grand View Research, the market for wine corks is set to soar well past $5 billion, reflecting just how many corks we go through annually. More often than not, you probably toss your wine cork away when you finish opening your bottle of wine. However, wine corks can come in very handy, particularly if you want to dampen the sounds of noisy doors and cupboards. If you find that you're sensitive to these sounds, then using one could be the perfect solution. If done correctly, a trusty wine cork can help to make closing your cabinet doors a breeze, no matter what area of the house they're in. Not only this, but corks can also help you to save a buck or two instead of purchasing a product specifically designed for such an issue. If you find it works well, this hack could be a great alternative to a soft-close cabinet, which is often a popular choice.

As it turns out, you won't need too many of them either. Perhaps you even have some spare already. Either way, make sure you save that cork the next time you pop open a bottle of wine. Once you have one, it's time to get to work on this hack. If done correctly, your noisy cabinets should finally settle down once and for all.

Using a wine cork will help

Thanks to this hack, fixing a noisy cabinet has never been so easy. Simply take a spare wine cork and cut a thin section off. It may take a few tries, but you should be able to identify the correct size after trying a few. It should be thin enough that you can close your cabinet but not so thick that it creates an open gap when you close it. Now you have the correct size, you can glue it to your cabinet where the door meets the rest of the unit, either on the far left or right, depending on your cabinet. You can scope the correct area out beforehand. Likewise, you can test if it works by opening and closing your cabinet door a few times — but just remember not to apply too much force. Job complete. 

For this hack to work well, the cork acts as a cushion to prevent the door and the rest of the unit from coming into contact. It's this cushioning that helps to stop any slamming noise in its tracks, per Panelscreens. Of course, this isn't a free pass, however, to go around slamming every cabinet door in your path. Instead, continue to be gentle to reap the most benefits. If you have any left over, you can always use a cork to fix a wobbly table. Now, you have plenty of reasons to save them.