Is It Legal To Sell A Used Mattress?

Upgrading furniture is an exciting experience, but getting rid of your used furniture can be challenging. You can donate or recycle what you can't sell, but a used mattress poses an intriguing question. Is it legal to sell a used mattress? Because mattresses are known for their potential to hold millions of dust mites, skin cells, bed bugs, and bacteria, it's easy to see why there's uncertainty. Luckily, most of the time, you can resell a used mattress under the right circumstances.

The law varies from state to state, with each state having its own guidelines. These guidelines usually refer to the conditions of the mattress. Many states also require you to clearly identify the mattress as used. So, in that case, as long as the buyer is aware, the sale is legal. If you need to get rid of a gently used mattress, check your state's requirements. You may be able to flip it and fund your next upgrade.

How to find out if it's legal to sell a used mattress in your state

Most states do not have laws against selling used mattresses. There are exceptions, states like Maine, North Dakota, and Rhode Island instruct potential sellers to call their health departments for updates on the state-wide rules. Generally, reselling a mattress is completely legal, provided it is clean, properly labeled as used, and free of bed bugs, mold, and bacteria. Before listing a mattress, be sure to check your state's requirements. In many states, like Florida, it is illegal to sell it when it does not meet state-specified requirements. 

After determining that you can legally sell your mattress, you need to clean it properly and assess it's value. Consider the age, condition, frequency of use, and how often it was cleaned. A three-year-old mattress from a guest room will likely be more valuable than one that was regularly slept on. A mattress that's too old to be sold can often be recycled.