Easily Create A Garden Trellis Using A Few Closet Staples You Already Own

Looking for an inexpensive way to add some natural visual appeal to your home? A garden trellis is a great way to beautify your property or create a little privacy. There are endless DIY trellis ideas and tutorials online, but this TikTok hack could not be any simpler to make. And it couldn't be cheaper either! All you need are some wire coat hangers, wire, and pliers. 

Start by using wire to attach hangers to each other to create a square. Make multiple squares and attach them together using more wire to create your trellis. You can make it as long or as wide as you like as the size of the trellis will depend on how many squares you make. Using wire also allows for a lot of creative possibilities, since you can bend it into any shape you like. Once you have your pieces and shape in place, you can plant your creeping vines or flowers at the bottom of your piece and wait for them to grow to complete the look of your trellis. 

How to build your hanger trellis

First, you'll take four wire hangers and place one upright, one on the left, the right, and one on top so that the corners of each hanger touch and make a square, and the heads of the hangers are at the center. Secure the hangers by wrapping 2.5-inch pieces of wire at each corner where the two hangers meet. Use another piece of wire to secure all four hangers together where they meet in the middle. 

You should have a square shape. Now you'll make the second piece. Take two hangers so that one is pointing to the left and the other to the right. The flat ends of the hanger should be touching in the middle. Secure the two hangers together in the middle with wire. 

Then, wrap wires at each end where the hangers touch, but don't wrap them around completely. Leave about a half inch on each side sticking out. Lay this piece over the top of your square and use those excess wire pieces to secure that part to the square. Make as many squares as you need. You can hang it from a nail or over your fence using the hanger head at the top of second your piece. You can spray your trellis using rust-preventing paint for metal if you want to keep it looking fresh. Rust-Oleum makes a textured spray paint that will protect metal from rust that costs less than $8 a can.