Design Pros Recommend Against Painting Furniture Pastel Hues - Here's Why

When you take the time to redo your furniture and cabinetry to perfectly coordinate with your décor, personal preferences often win out. Many decorating inspiration photos feature trendy colors you may love, like pale pink or baby blue kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture painted light yellow. You can paint all the pastel colors you like and love living with them, provided you're in it for the long haul. But do those soft hues resonate with potential homebuyers? As it turns out, not particularly.

"Pastels give a washed-out effect, which can be associated with the furniture being rundown or old," CEO and founder of Home Buyer Louisiana Stephen Keighery told Apartment Therapy. "Even if the furniture is not that aged and the paint is new, pastels can give the opposite effect." Sure, most of the time, you're not leaving the furniture when you sell your home, but the appearance still offers an impression that home shoppers take to heart. If it seems like you don't take care of your furnishings, they may get the idea you haven't cared for other hidden home features. As you consider your next DIY project, you can easily make better choices that will offer a broader appeal to potential homebuyers.

Alternatives that work better when staging a home

Just like wall colors, when it comes to resale value, experts often recommend neutrals for furniture and cabinets to appeal to the widest audience. Gray is still popular for these purposes, as are white, off-white, taupe, and beige. Since kitchen or bathroom cabinets are basically permanent fixtures in home staging, be particularly mindful of the colors you select in those areas. Large case furniture that isn't easily moved into storage is another prime consideration, but even smaller items like side tables and chairs usually have more appeal when painted a neutral color. 

Regardless of the non-pastel shade you select when painting furniture and cabinets, make sure the finished job looks great. If you're doing it yourself, take the time to do it right. Save that leftover paint for touch-ups, too. You'll be happy you thoughtfully selected the colors and did an excellent job with your redo when potential buyers fall in love with the look and can envision living in your home. And if you must have some pastels in your life, look at throws, pillows, or tablecloths that can be easily stowed away when necessary.