The Luxe Room That Doubles As A Guest Room At Christina Hall's House

Though the star of HGTV's "Christina on the Coast" has a $12 million house, there is one thing that Christina Hall doesn't have in her home — designated guest room. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a comfortable place for her guests to rest. Her home theater has plenty of features that make it the perfect retreat for friends and family.

In a house tour with HGTV, Christina and her husband, Josh Hall, show viewers the inside of their luxurious home theater. "So what's funny with this house; we don't have a guest room. So this kind of becomes the guest room. My dad loves sleeping in here... It's his spot," Josh explains.

And it's easy to see why. At the head of the room is a massive screen. The expansive carpeted floor space allows for children and pets to sprawl out and play. The room has an extra long overstuffed leather couch that reclines backward to create a guest bed that is just as comfy, if not more, than a traditional mattress. There are plenty of blankets for guests to curl up with while gazing at the room's show-stopping ceiling feature — hand-pressed constellations that light up and even include moving shooting stars. While husband Josh Hall admits that the starry sky feature costs a pretty penny, there are ways you can recreate this feature and put together a home theater room that doubles as a guest room on a budget.

How to create a theater room for guests

If you want a theater that doubles as a cozy guest space like Christina Hall's, the first thing you'll need is a screen and a projector. This 100" screen goes for under $90 on Wayfair. This $59 projector from Walmart allows you to easily connect to a smartphone, gaming console, tablet, or streaming device.

Next, you'll want to make sure you have elements that project coziness and warmth. If you don't want to install carpet, try some thickly knit throw rugs like this option from WayfairPottery Barn offers a variety of divinely textured faux fur throw blankets that your kids will fight over, and guests will just have to know where they came from. A quality overstuffed leather reclining sofa like the one Hall has will cost you — usually starting at around $3,000. If that's not in your budget, try a king-sized pull-out sofa. It will cost less while doubling as movie night seating and a place for your guests to spend the night. 

You can turn your theater/guest room into a personal planetarium with a celestial projector from Amazon for just $39. You'll also want some adjustable lighting so the room can be brightened while guests get ready and darkened when it's movie time. This smart wifi dimming switch costs just $18 on Amazon, while a dimming switch for lighting fixtures that are plugged in costs about $22.