The Best Way To Install IKEA Spice Racks For Double-Duty Storage

We've all struggled with storage issues, especially in the kitchen. Even if you have more than enough cabinet space, odds are it's already being used to house kitchen and pantry items. You may also find that you frequently use certain items, especially your spices. In this situation, you'd want easy access while cooking and baking. The other problem that presents itself in a small area is with items that require coveted counter space in your kitchen. Luckily, there's a way you can effortlessly transform your kitchen space, accommodating a wide variety of items. You can install IKEA's BEKVÄM spice rack as shelving. 

Not only is this spice rack sleek and sophisticated looking, but it pulls double-duty in any kitchen. This means you can use it to store items up top and hang baskets from the bottom thanks to a few simple modifications. Even better, you can easily alter your IKEA spice rack, painting it to match your color scheme. But before you run out and install this spice rack, you need to understand how to successfully carry out this hack. 

Assemble and hang your IKEA spice rack

Once you purchase your IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack (and possibly paint it), you might be tempted to install it like you would any other spice rack. However, @room_culture points out that you should install this spice rack upside down, using this rack as a shelf and a place to hang storage baskets. First, securely attach your spice rack to your wall. Next, place decorative S-hooks off the wooden bar that runs vertically across the length of your spice rack. Once you've installed your spice rack and attached your hooks, the fun begins. You can hang an assortment of baskets perfect for storing produce, including onions, potatoes, and bananas. If you're growing an indoor herb garden, you can even hang small planters using the same hooks or other plant hangers. 

The top (technically the underside) of your spice rack can now safely house your spices, fresh coffee beans, and so much more. You'll free up counter space while creating an easily accessible shelving unit for your commonly used products. If you already have more than enough cabinet space, you can use this hack to transform your kitchen into an indoor oasis. Consider using your new shelving to grow succulents or display cut blooms. There's no shortage of items you can display thanks to this incredible hack.