Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home By Burning This Kitchen Staple

Who knew that your daily cup of joe could serve double duty? Yes, that's right. Apart from perking up your mornings, coffee grounds have a less-known — yet equally important role. Did you know that coffee grounds can keep those annoying mosquitoes away? Burning this kitchen staple works not because it kills them, but because it masks the scents that mosquitos are attracted to. Mosquitos hate smelly things, which is why citronella, lemongrass, bug spray, and all these other kinds of repellents work so well. However, working with coffee grounds is a much simpler, cost-effective solution when making homemade mosquito repellent. It's also EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) approved, so you don't need to worry about harming yourself (or your surroundings). The best part? It's easy, so grab your favorite mug and let's get to business. 

Coffee lovers, this trick begins with making a coffee. Brew your favorite blend, and enjoy the oh-so-familiar aroma filling your kitchen. While patiently awaiting for that coffee to brew, find a plate or a bowl and wrap it securely in aluminum foil.

Once your coffee is ready, pour a cup for yourself, and relish that first sip. Things are going to be okay — mosquitos will soon be no more! Then, take the coffee grounds from the coffee maker, and dump them onto the foil-covered plate or bowl. Now, the waiting game begins. Feel free to enjoy your coffee while letting the coffee grounds thoroughly dry. Your patience will be rewarded, we promise.

How to finish the job

Next, take your dried-coffee-ground-loaded plate and select an outdoor spot. Choose a level surface and away from the hustle and bustle (think garden table, an unused bird bath, or a sturdy rock). Just remember, while mosquitoes are not fans of coffee, curious kids or pets might be. So, place it somewhere out of their reach. The idea is to repel insects — not invite a trip to the vet.

Now comes the exciting part. Add a squirt of lighter fluid to the coffee grounds (a little is fine, so don't go overboard). The idea is to create a slow smolder, not a bonfire. Once that's done, light it up and let the aroma spread. You'll first see the lighter fluid burn off, followed by the coffee grounds emitting a gentle wisp of smoke. Sit back, and watch the magic unfold.

Keep in mind flyaway grounds can be harmful to your pets if ingested. If there is a chance of wind coming around your yard, be sure to put a damp cloth over the smoldering grounds. This will help contain the grounds and avoid this risk. Just be sure not to extinguish your newfound mosquito repellent completely. The smoke and the smell are a highly effective combo.

The many uses for used coffee grounds

Burnt coffee grounds don't just discourage mosquitos. Their distinctive smell is equally disliked by several other insects. Ants, wasps, and snails are among the many pests that find the aroma of burnt coffee grounds offensive. Thus, utilizing coffee grounds can help ensure a broader range of pests are kept at bay — and this isn't the only way.

An equally effective approach requires no ignition at all. By spreading the coffee grounds on your lawn,  you create an environment inhospitable to mosquitos, their larvae, and various other pests. This method is particularly beneficial when protecting specific areas, such as a garden. The mere presence of coffee grounds can act as an effective barrier against unwanted visitors. However, this method is not recommended for those with pets and local wildlife in their yard. In regards to your plants, scattering the coffee grounds around them also offers many benefits to your soil — like additional nutrients, nitrogen, and a slight acidity.

By employing coffee grounds wisely in your yard, you can enjoy a pest-free garden, enrich your soil, and contribute to sustainable living all at once. And who knows, the distinctive aroma of burnt coffee may become your new favorite summer vibe — second only to the relief of a mosquito-less evening. So, next time you brew a cup, remember to save those grounds. Your cup of joe has a lot more to offer than just a caffeine boost.