Michael Alexander Uccello

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Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Film School, York University
Real Estate, Home Staging & Interior Design, Home Decor & Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Michael has written and directed impactful commercials for home builders, showcasing their products and the lifestyles attached to them.
  • In 2022, Michael, part of a home builder's marketing team, attended the National Association of Home Builders' National Awards in Las Vegas. His team won a silver award after being nominated in several categories.
  • Passionate about places, spaces, and hero items, Michael's design experience actually comes from many years of set decorating on numerous film productions, TV shows, and commercials.


Michael, an accomplished writer and filmmaker, began his career by creating internationally recognized short films, featured on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and DirecTV. His diverse talents also led to the publication of his debut poetry volume and a professional transition into set decoration within the film industry, sparking his interest in home aesthetics and interior design. Joining a home builder's marketing team, Michael harnessed his writing and content creation skills to effectively highlight and promote lifestyles based on the different looks and feel of each home. With a relentless pursuit of growth and creativity, Michael continues to refine his skills and provide engaging, innovative content with his writing.


Michael discovered his love for writing by attending York University developing a diverse set of skills from the critical analysis of English literature to various forms of creative and professional writing. While there, Michael also unearthed a new passion for cinema and decided to shift his education toward film production.
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