Keep Your Hanging Hand Towels From Falling With TikTok's Genius Trick

It happens all the time. You wash your hands in the bathroom and then dry them on the freshly washed hand towel, which causes it to slip right off the rack. If you have kids, that towel never gets put back correctly, and even when it is hanging, it probably looks messy. Unfortunately, even in a spotless bathroom, messy towels can make the whole room seem untidy. If this is a common problem in your bathroom, there's an easy TikTok hack that will keep your hand towels firmly in place and make them look like they were put there by an interior decorator. 

It's just a matter of how you hang the towel, really. No matter what fancy folding job you do, if you just drape the middle fold of the towel over the bar of the rack, eventually gravity will pull it down on one side or the other. But if you were to tie the towel onto the bar in a simple and elegant manner, it would look great and wouldn't budge an inch.

How to hang your hand towels

Instead of just folding your hand towels in half (or in thirds) and then folding them in half again the opposite way to hang over the bar, loosely tie the towel on. This creates a great look that will stay put, no matter how hard you pull. And, this hack is extremely uncomplicated, so it could easily be implemented into your regular routine.

To do this, bunch or pleat the towel at the center, then take this bunched up section and fold it to create a loop. Put the towel over the bar so that the bunched up loop is closest to the wall. Holding onto the bunched fold in one hand and both halves of the bottom of the towel in the other, pull the bottom ends through the loop and the bar until a very basic knot is formed that secures the towel in place. Adjust the bunch and the bottom pieces of the towel so they lay stylishly. And just like that, your bathroom hand towel now has an updated, classy look that has no chance of falling off the bar.