The Hack That'll Keep Your Lint Off The Floor In A Small Laundry Room

There are endless benefits to living in a small space. Still, whether you live in a tiny home by choice or a small apartment for affordability, there are times when the lack of space forces you to get creative.

In a small living area, floor space is at a premium. That means you may not have room for certain things on the floor, like a trash can in your tiny laundry room (or the closet, kitchen, or bathroom where your washer and dryer may live). Carrying lint from room to room will almost always leave lint behind for you to clean up later. The design tip you need: attach a trash receptacle to the wall in this small room.

A standard trash can may be hard to hang up. However, a wall-mounted mailbox is just the right shape and size for the contents of your lint trap. With this handy place to put lint from the laundry room, you'll save yourself a lot of sweeping. It's a neat, uncluttered solution to a messy problem. 

How to install a mailbox in the laundry room

Often, wall-mounted mailboxes don't come with hardware for hanging. You may need to provide things like mounting hardware and screws. Still, installation tends to be fairly easy, and your mailbox should come with installation instructions. You can also add custom nameplates or decals to label the mailbox with a word like "Lint" that makes its purpose clear.

Since your lint holder will be lightweight, there's no need to find a stud to hang it from. Just choose the most convenient place on the wall. Consider height placement, too: it should be easy to reach, but you won't want to put it where someone bending over to do laundry could hit their head on it. 

Once you've chosen the best place for it, use a pencil to mark where the mounting holes are, so you can drill in the right spot. Use a level to ensure the holes you're drilling are even. After you've placed the mounting hardware, drill the screws in halfway, and check that things are level one more time before you commit.

Alternative ways to hold lint

If you're a renter or living in a shared space, you might not want to drill holes in the walls. In that case, there are other space-saving options for laundry lint.

A magnetic lint bin means no installation is required, simply hang it from the side of your washer or dryer. You can also use magnetic hooks to attach a small hanging bin or basket to your laundry appliances. This option works well if you want to be able to remove the entire lint container and dump it right into the trash.

Or, if you prefer a wall-mounted option, you can use Command Strips to attach a container to the wall. However, they'll only work for lightweight items: a plastic bin may work, but a metal mailbox might be too heavy for command strips. 

Even if you have space for a trash can on the floor, you might find that wall-mounted options are preferable. Your wall-mounted lint container won't trip you and can't be knocked over by pets. Whether you use a mailbox or a different solution, this design tip will help keep the laundry room looking nice and lint-free.