A Handy Cooking Ingredient Can Remove Oil Stains From Fabric In A Pinch

Imagine yourself in the kitchen, happily cooking away, when suddenly, oil splashes onto your beloved shirt. Without wasting a second, you rush to the laundry room to fetch the stain remover, only to find it empty. Ignoring the absurdity of someone returning the empty bottle, you frantically search for a way to eliminate the grease mark before it becomes permanent. Luckily, you remember that there is one kitchen staple you always have on hand: salt.

Salt is one simple cooking ingredient that brings a lot to the table. In this particular scenario, salt plays a twofold role. Firstly, it offers drying capabilities to prevent the stain from spreading further. Secondly, it acts as an absorbent agent, drawing out and removing the oil from the fabric. Moreover, the fact that salt is a universally stocked pantry staple further enhances the convenience and feasibility of this oil-ridding laundry hack, especially in a pinch.

A salty solution

To remove oil stains from fabric, any type of salt will work — sea salt, table salt, or even kosher salt. Salt is an ionic compound with moisture-absorbing properties, which aid in its ability to eliminate oil stains. Begin by blotting the grease with a clean paper towel or cloth to remove any excess oil or dirt. Then, wet the stained area and generously sprinkle salt over the entire oil mark, ensuring that you cover it completely. Gently massage the salt into the fabric and leave it for 10-15 minutes, allowing it to absorb the oil. After the designated time, gently brush off the salt grains from the fabric and proceed to launder the garment as normal.

If the grease stain has deeply penetrated the fabric or is particularly stubborn, you can enhance the effectiveness of the salt by combining it with dish soap. These two ingredients will work together to eliminate the pesky oil stain from the fabric. Once you're done, rinse off the salt and soap mixture from the clothing item and wash it according to the instructions on the fabric label.