The Simple Hack That'll Make Storing Aluminum Foil So Easy

Kitchen storage space is often at a premium, making it a challenge to find the perfect place for storing essentials that may be useful (but not so pretty) and still grant easy access to them when needed. Kitchen wraps, in the form of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper, are often much-used items in any kitchen They can often be some of the hardest to find a good placement for. Long ungainly boxes with sharp edges and unraveling rolls can often be a problem. A great hack that uses only a couple of items – Command hooks, and simple wooden dowels — may be the solution you need to have these items at the ready and make them easier to use. 

The DIY project also makes it much easier to get only the amount of the roll that you need. It also helps preserve the boxes and rolls, which can crush or disintegrate due to moisture and frequent handling. You can place this amazingly easy hack on the inside of upper or lower cabinet doors, or on pantry doors or other surfaces that are out of sight. Moreover, because it uses easily removable hooks, it is also a renter-friendly DIY.

Making your DIY kitchen wrap holder

Begin by affixing two command hooks at the same level on your cabinet door, placed slightly at a wider distance than the length of your boxes. Most boxes will already have pre-cut holes at each end of the box. While one version of this lifesaving hack has you hook the Command hooks sideways into the box itself, the addition of wooden dowels makes a far sturdier holder, which is less likely to damage the box with constant use. Take a slim wooden dowel, which can be purchased at many hardware stores, and thread the dowel both through the box and the center of the cardboard roll of wrap. Place the box with the dowel through it on the hooks. Depending on the size of your box, you may want to opt for metal Command hooks, which can be bent and adjusted as needed.

The wood dowel also makes the rolls easier to unravel and controls the amount of wrapping needed. It also eliminates accidentally cutting a finger on the sharp edge of the boxes when you have to handle them, particularly great if children are in the kitchen. You can easily reproduce this hack on a larger scale for other rolled materials like craft paper and wrapping paper inside a closet or craft room space.