The Handy Cleaning Tool That Makes De-Griming The Top Of Your Fridge A Breeze

It's no secret that the kitchen is easily one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Sponges fill with bacteria, rotting foods are prone to attracting ants, and if your fridge sits near the stove, you might have noticed that the top is quick to build up with grime from cooking. It's also probably not a part of your refrigerator that likely gets routine cleaning. Thankfully, there's a way to get rid of the slimy stuff. All you need is your handy dandy Swiffer 2-in-1 mop. 

This cleaning tool is great for de-griming the top of this appliance since it utilizes both dry and wet cloths. The dry cloths work similarly to microfiber in that they collect dust before the wet cloths sanitize the surface and remove stuck-on grime spots. Maximizing the ease and cleaning power of a Swiffer ensures you don't neglect a part of your kitchen that is hard to see and easy to forget about.

How to clean the top of your fridge with the Swiffer

To use this handy tool for de-griming your refrigerator, start with one dry cloth to pick up loose dust particles. This will ensure the wet cloths don't saturate the dust bunnies with liquid and smear them. Take one of the dry cloths out of the packet to wrap around the bottom of your Swiffer. Slip the front side up around the end of the mop and secure it by tucking the edges into the four holes. Next, use the pole to glide the tool over the entire surface of your fridge top before pulling off the cloth and discarding it in the trashcan.

The wet cloth will remove the grease spots from the top of your fridge as each one contains a built-in solution to get rid of stains. Attach a wet cloth the same way as the dry cloth before swiping the Swiffer over the area again. If your fridge has stubborn grime spots, you may need to put some elbow grease into the scrubbing. Finally, remove the wet cloth and throw it away when you're finished, and voilà! You should have a grime-free fridge.