The Secret To Hammering Without Hitting Your Fingers Is In Your Bathroom

Hammering nails can be quite a pain, especially when dealing with those small ones. They are hard to hold, and no matter how cautious you are, your fingers always seem to bear the brunt of the impact. Each time you strike the hammer, your hands cry out in agony, making the process even more unbearable. Fortunately, there is a clever hack to shield your delicate fingers from harm using a common bathroom item: a bobby pin.

While bobby pins are typically associated with hairstyling, their usefulness extends far beyond that. Their slim and flexible design makes them surprisingly versatile in various situations, including handiwork. With this ingenious trick, the hair accessory not only securely keeps the tiny nail in place, but the pin also acts as a protective barrier against smashed fingers, painful bruises, or even broken nails. So, here is how you can hit the nail on the head without hurting your fingers, all thanks to a humble bobby pin.

Bobby pins to the rescue

For this handy hack, make sure you have a clean and unused bobby pin at your disposal. It is best to refrain from using damaged or previously stretched-out pins, as they may not provide the necessary stability during the process. Begin by placing the nail inside the bobby pin towards the rounded end. Carefully position the hairpin, with the nail nestled within, to the desired location and start hammering. As the nail becomes secured, you can remove the bobby pin and proceed with pounding.

Ta-da! With this brilliant hairpin-holding trick, your fingers will be safe from harm, and even the tiniest nails will be securely in place. While you could always invest in traditional safety nail holders, why spend the money when you probably have an unlimited supply of bobby pins on hand? Additionally, if a pin gets damaged during the process, you can easily discard it and grab another one from your stash. So, save your fingers and wallet with this hammering safety hack using a bobby pin.