The Blue Paint Tone That'll Inject A Vibrant Splash Of Color In 2023

If you're looking for a bold home upgrade that's fun and easy, it might be time to reach for an exciting new paint shade. One of the top paint trends right now is ultramarine blue.

Blue paint is a fantastic way to inject color into your home since it can easily range from bright to near-neutral. Ultramarine blue is a playful and unique choice: a shade that makes a statement.

Once upon a time, ultramarine was the world's most expensive pigment, made from lapis lazuli. Today, of course, there are cheaper ways to get the color than grinding up precious stones. Still, ultramarine blue evokes something rare, aquatic, and mystical even now, a priceless bit of deep sea that you can bring home. The word ultramarine can be translated as "beyond the sea." Though vivid and saturated, the shade falls on the darker side of blue. So, it can almost pass for neutral, making it one of the easier bright colors to incorporate into your space this year.

The top ways to use ultramarine blue at home

A living room or bedroom painted in ultramarine blue has a wonderful beneath-the-sea quality, at once invigorating and relaxing. When contrasted with white accents, it's reminiscent of azulejo: the iconic blue-and-white tiles of Spanish and Portuguese architecture. Yet, if you're not ready for a full-room level of commitment, there are many ways to start smaller.

Ultramarine blue is a lovely candidate for an accent wall in any room. Or, you might try painting a smaller room, like your bathroom. Blue is a natural choice for the bathroom, with a spa-like suggestion of water, relaxation, and cleanliness.

If painting walls is too big of a leap, consider upgrading a large piece of furniture. Tables and dressers are an approachable way to experiment with paint trends since they're big enough to make a statement without feeling overwhelming. A fresh coat of paint also can inject new life into a worn vintage piece of furniture. Ultramarine blue is a great choice for a bright, welcoming front door, too.

Lastly, keep in mind that there's a small range of different ultramarine colors. Brighter ultramarines look more modern, while less-saturated options evoke historic ultramarine when it was made from natural stones with slight impurities. If one doesn't quite suit you, try swatching different versions of this trendy shade.