The Secret To Keeping Your Clothes On The Hanger Is In Your Office

From sundresses to nightgowns, any delicate and slippery clothes have a tendency to slip off the hanger. After finding your nice items gathering dust on the floor yet again, you might be tempted to invest in pricey new hangers or a set of shelves. Instead, save yourself some money and head to your home office — a few rubber bands are all you need to solve the problem. 

Metal and plastic hangers tend to be slippery. However, they're less expensive and easier to come by than soft or padded hangers. To convert them into non-slip hangers, all you need to do is wrap one rubber band around each end, so your clothes won't slip off anymore. As a bonus, this closet hack will save your wallet (and the environment) by letting you keep your hangers and repurpose what you already have. Plus, it lets you customize the number of non-slip hangers you have instead of buying a pack of hangers that might be bigger than you need.

Making this hack work for you

If you're concerned about the aesthetics of your closet (hello, fans of The Home Edit), try color-matching the rubber bands with the hangers so they're less noticeable. If you don't have enough colors, a new pack of rubber bands in assorted colors is still cheaper than buying fancy new hangers.

For the best results, use thicker rubber bands, and wrap them around several times to increase the grippy surface area and to make sure they stay in place. If you have a latex allergy, you can still use this hack, but you'll need to get latex-free rubber bands. 

Want to make this hanger upgrade permanent? Use a few drops from a hot glue gun to keep those rubber bands in place forever. You can even use hot glue alone, without rubber bands: a line of glue at each end of the hanger provides a grippy surface, too. Just make sure to let it dry completely first.