How To Use Aluminum Foil To Repel Bats From Your Home

So you haven't sent out a bat signal, you're not in a DC comic, and you have no relation to Dracula ... yet the bats keep coming? Strange. Well, do not fear because aluminum foil will make them disappear! Using aluminum foil to repel bats is based on the idea that bats dislike the light reflections and noise produced by the foil. So, here's how you can use aluminum foil to deter bats.

You'll first want to determine where the bats enter and exit your home. In most cases, this is in your attic vents, near the roof, or under eaves. If you're unsure, sit out during dawn or dusk when bats are the most active to identify these locations. Don't be scared. Bats don't typically attack humans; they're primarily interested in insects.Once you have found their hang-out spot (pun intended), we can create our bat repellent and be done with these bats in two steps. Step one, grab a pair of scissors and a roll of aluminum foil. Cut the aluminum foil into sheets or strips. The size can vary depending on the area from which you are trying to deter the bats. Step two, to hang this foil, you will need something suitable to hang it up with, like tape, staples, or push pins. Ensure the foil is hung in a manner to move well with the wind.

Why aluminum foil works and other considerations

Once the foil is suspended in a manner to move well with the wind, its movement and reflective properties will disorient and disturb the bats, making the area less appealing. If the reflectiveness of the foil doesn't scare them, the rustling noise produced by the foil when they interact with it will surely do the trick. Simply put, bats hate parties ... no disco balls, noise, music, nothing! Poor fellas.

Lastly, after installing the aluminum foil, continue to observe the bats' behavior to ensure they are being deterred from the area. Bear in mind this is only a temporary solution. It would be best to consider bat-proofing your home once you have successfully foiled up their entry and exit points, whether it be sealing gaps and holes, installing bat cones or netting, or hiring a professional to ensure that bats cannot re-enter. All jokes aside, bats play a vital role in our ecosystem controlling insect populations, so it's important to avoid harming them. In many areas, bats are protected species, and there may be restrictions on excluding them, especially during maternity seasons. Always check local regulations and best practices before taking action.