The Sponge Trick You Need To Easily Create A Trendy Brick Accent Wall

Accent walls are the signature of any room. They are an easy cheat for decorating a space, even if you do not have the eye for elaborate design. They are a burst of color or pattern that you didn't know you needed, but make all the difference in shaping your environment. The right feature wall ties the entire space together. You can fashion this attention-grabbing wall with art, pictures, and decor, or let the actual wall stand out with texture, color, and motif.

Exposed brick walls always make for good focal point, but if your home doesn't already have them, you can get a trendy brick layout using just paint. This DIY accent wall idea to liven up your home is easy to complete. All you need is a paint tray, large sponge, paint, and painter's tape and you'll be able to achieve that quintessential industrial look without any of the actual hard-to-clean, mold-loving, and energy-inefficient clay bricks.

Use a sponge to stamp a brick pattern

The easiest way to DIY a fake brick wall is with paint and a sponge. First, map out the edges of your accent wall with painter's tape and remove any outlet or light covers. You want to protect the adjacent walls and fixtures. Next, mix your paint with the desired shade for your bricks — feel free to think outside the box of classic red, as white offers a clean, modern twist. The rectangular sponge will act as a stamp for the pattern. Press your sponge into the paint tray and perform a test stamp on construction paper or cardboard. The test run will confirm the pressure needed to form the pattern.

Now you're ready to stamp the wall. Start from one corner and sponge on the paint. Leave a 1/2 to 1 inch space between each brick to imitate the grout. Remember to stagger where you start the first brick in each row, that way they're not perfectly stacked on top of each other in a uniform grid. Once all the full-length bricks are stamped, cut your sponge to size to fill in any remaining gaps. After the paint dries, remove the painter's tape and attach the outlet and light covers. Then, step back and marvel at your brick wall.