Why A Pro Recommends Against Using Bold Paint In The Bedroom

There's no doubt that painting with bold paint colors can be a fun way to add a lively vibe and splash of fun to spaces in your home. While that's a great thing for certain rooms in your home, it's not exactly an ideal option for the bedroom. That's because you likely want this particular space to be one that's calming and relaxing to help you slide peacefully into sleep each night. According to a design pro, this might be the exact opposite of what bold colors will do for you.

"Bright, saturated colors ... can trigger a sense of alertness. Reserve the vivid hues for statement walls or for rooms that require high energy instead," Hannah Yeo, a Color and Design Expert with Benjamin Moore, explained to Apartment Therapy. Indeed, when it comes to areas in your home like the bedroom where it's important to achieve a soothing aesthetic, you want to opt for tones that are light, soft, and relatively subtle. "It's no wonder Smoke 2122-40, Collingwood OC-28, and Wickham Gray HC-171 are some of Benjamin Moore's popular bedroom color choices. These light, muted hues promote relaxation and comfort, setting the mood for a good night's sleep," Yeo said.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you totally have to ditch your plans for bold paint colors. Instead, you simply need to use them in other rooms in your home where they will suit the vibe much better.

Bold paint colors are better suited to other rooms

Although you may not want bold paint colors on your walls to keep you awake and alert while you're in you're bedroom, you might want them to do just that in other areas of your home. Interior designer Diana Sfera told The Zoe Report, "When choosing brighter, bolder colors, like red, bright pink, or yellow, they have the power to literally raise the energy level of a room. ... [R]eserve these for more social spaces in the home, like a dining room, living room, entryway, or in small, unexpected spaces to pack a punch of color, like a bathroom."

Painting bold colors on the right walls can also be motivating and give your mood a pleasant boost. With that in mind, you may want to use bright paint in rooms you work out or exercise in. As neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez explained to The Zoe Report, "[P]eople associate yellow with warmth and may prefer a softer shade of yellow to induce happiness. And orange walls in your fitness room add an aura of energy..."

If you simply can't resist the idea of using colors like pink, yellow, or orange in your bedroom, then you may still be able to make them work. You just need to forget about the super-vibrant shades and choose a few muted versions instead. Think along the lines of light blush pink, subtle sunny yellow, or an earthy orange.