Joanna Gaines' Advice On What To Do With That Empty Awkward Space In Your Kitchen

HGTV and Magnolia Network's Joanna Gaines is known for her style and design transformations, including stunning remodels of spaces that work to fill the unique needs of each and every homeowner. While any home can present its own challenges in using space to its best advantage, Gaines recommends taking a look at how each room functions and making changes that better-fit homeowner needs. This includes the kitchen, where she suggests turning an otherwise unused dining nook into a stylish breakfast bar.

That is not only perfect for a quick eat-in snack or morning coffee but also provides a more compact alternative to a traditional table and chairs that frees up space and opens up the room. A breakfast bar is also more in line with hectic modern families, who rarely have the time to enjoy a full sit-down breakfast, particularly if there is a dining room elsewhere in the home that gets used more.

Creating a breakfast bar

By removing the larger, bulkier table and traditional seating, you can create a beautiful breakfast nook by placing a counter-height slender table or wall-mounted shelf against a wall with a couple of stools. The addition of pendant lights and carefully placed artwork designates the areas as its own space. Not only does bar-style seating take up less floor space, but also allows you to use the surface as an additional counter or buffet space when entertaining.

It's a particularly great solution if your kitchen is on the narrower side and lacks an island to provide prep space and additional seating. This is especially useful if people tend to gather in the kitchen for reasons other than meals since the breakfast bar can easily double as a spot together in the heart of the home without interfering as much with the room's traffic flow. The bar height counter is also a perfect homework spot for kids.