The Genius Reason Why You Should Start Keeping A Trash Bag In Your Closet

When you think about the most important items to keep in your clothes closet, a garbage bag probably isn't one of them. However, it can be one of the integral items that help you get your closet organized, as it can serve as a reminder to regularly declutter. 

Finding a daily outfit can be a lesson in patience since many of us try on a few different tops and bottoms before deciding on a matching set. While trying on all our clothes, we may come across an item that we no longer want. However, oftentimes we get caught up in trying to find the right clothes for the day, which causes us to mindlessly leave those pieces on the rack. Leaving a trash bag on the floor of your closet or on one of your shelves can change all of that. With a designated spot to place items you would like to donate or throw away, you will easily declutter and get rid of things faster. 

A trash bag can encourage quick and easy donation

Most people are not exactly happy with their closets, as their space may be cluttered or they may be holding onto a number of items that they want to get rid of. Placing a trash bag in your closet is a reverse example of out of sight, out of mind. Because you'll always have a donation bag right in front of you, you will be more apt to toss or donate clothes and accessories that no longer serve you. 

This hack can be especially helpful if you enjoy donating items or if you plan to declutter but can't set lots of time aside to do it. Though we don't always have the time to devote a whole day to decluttering our closets, keeping a garbage bag in this space is a way to consistently declutter and can be done in less than 10 minutes. The bag will serve as a reminder to get rid of things you don't need or want anymore. You can even make it a ritual to take the bag to a donation center at the end of every month.