Easily Create DIY Biophilic Light Fixtures With Only A Couple Of Tools

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If you've ever worked or studied in a space with no windows, you know how draining it can feel to be disconnected from nature. Biophilic interior décor is all about incorporating natural materials and living surfaces into our everyday environments. Studies have shown that being in a space with a biophilic design can even lower anxiety, relieve stress, improve concentration, and elevate your overall mood. While the term "biophilic" might sound fancy and expensive, you actually don't need to spend a lot of money to inject a little more life into your space. In fact, a TikTok tutorial shared by Julie Sousa (@the_avantgarde) shows how you can make your own high-end-looking biophilic wall lights — you won't even need a drill! Sousa explained, "I made these without any power tools and they are rental friendly."

This renter-friendly light fixture looks gorgeous as a DIY wireless wall sconce pair and could even work to liven up a small dorm room, balcony, or outdoor garden area. All you'll need to get started is some L-shaped molding, recycled cardboard, a saw and miter box, and some biophilic greenery. Here's the step-by-step breakdown for Sousa's tutorial, tweaks to make your lights unique, plus some ideas for styling the biophilic lights in your space.

Putting together your own glowing green box

After a viewer expressed how much they loved Julie Sousa's moss wall lights in another video, she knew she had to make a tutorial. First, she gathered up her supplies, including an old cardboard box and wooden L-shaped molding, available at hardware stores. "You don't need power tools, but you do need a miter box to cut [the molding] at 45-degree angles," she explained in her TikTok video. After she had cut out four pieces of molding for the frame, Sousa used wood glue to attach the corners together, using clamps to hold them in place. When the frame was dry, she removed the clamps and added a piece of cardboard to fill in the open space. 

Next came the fun part; Sousa spray-painted the entire box a sleek black color and began gluing in clumps of green craft moss, then added a battery-powered light from Amazon. "After I glued the base of the light, I just put in some more moss and added command strips," she concluded. The result was an elegant, affordable, and creative light fixture that emits the perfect biophilic vibe. If you decide to try this DIY for yourself, don't be afraid to mix it up with a few fern leaves, sticks, or fairy lights! One commenter even had the idea of using old picture frames, which could save you a lot of time on cutting and gluing the L-shaped molding.