Why No Demo Reno's Jenn Todryk Likes This Particular Item For Your Backyard Patio

Jenn Todryk has built a brand around relatively inexpensive, renovation-free home upgrades. Hello, she's the star of HGTV"s "No Demo Reno!" It only makes sense, then, that her top tip for an enviable backyard patio is a piece designed to be moved around with ease. 

Backyard patios are any entertainer's dream. What's more, even as we head towards the cooler months, there are a ton of solutions for keeping them cozy. One option — a Todryk-approved one, at that — would be a fire pit. Sure enough, Todryk has included fire pits in her The Rambling Redhead blog posts on backyard patio must-haves in the past. True to form, though, these aren't your traditional, built-in pits. Instead, the demolition-averse star has suggested looking to Amazon for portable fire pit options, like the TIKI Brand fire pit. 

Todryk's blog posts wouldn't be the last time she'd tout the movable pieces, though. In fact, in a July 2022 episode of "No Demo Reno," she added one to a couple's home. And, she didn't hesitate to point out the advantages of doing so. 

Portable gas fire pits are a total game-changer

Speaking of her choice to use a portable fire pit in Curtis and Deanne Rippee's backyard patio, Jenn Todryk pointed first and foremost to the ease it created — and not just because it wouldn't require an expensive, time-intensive and messy build. "They're not permanent. So, as you rearrange the furniture, you can move this and rearrange it as well," she explained of the gas fire pit she placed in the space (via Realtor.com). Even better? The specific fire pit she opted for doubled as a table. 

As for the benefits of the pit being gas-powered, unlike the wood-burning options she'd previously included in her guides on her blog, that came down to ease of use, too. Enter: the on-off button. Though Todryk didn't go into much detail as to the benefits of that, other than it being a nifty feature, it's certainly worth gushing over. For starters, there's none of the labor involved in setting up or putting out a fire. Plus, while you'll always need to keep your fire pit clean, the lack of ash residue with a gas option makes doing that easier. 

If you're looking to make the most of your outdoor space this fall and winter, Todryk's top patio item may be just the thing for you. From being able to move it around, to its ease of use, this is one piece we just can't fault. Cozy winter nights, here we come!