The PPG's 2024 Color Of The Year Is The Perfect Optimistic Neutral

PPG's Color of the Year is an eagerly awaited event for those interested in color trends. This announcement is a helpful tool for designers and creative individuals, as it guides them in choosing the most fitting colors for their projects and endeavors throughout the year. PPG has recently announced "Limitless" (PPG1091-3) as their choice for the 2024 Color of the Year. This honey-beige hue has a welcoming vibe that combines the vibrancy of primary colors with the sophisticated charm of a neutral color scheme, making it a flexible option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

"Limitless is bold enough to serve as a leading, primary color, yet has the essence of a neutral to act in a supporting role," Ashley McCollum, PPG marketing manager and global color expert, Architectural Coatings, stated in a press release. "In the architectural space, we anticipate that it will rapidly become one of newest neutrals due to its versatility."

Incorporating Limitless into your interior spaces

The "Limitless" hue is an excellent choice for those hoping to create a serene and refined ambiance in their living spaces. Its neutral yet engaging character adds a touch of sophistication to any room without detracting from the impact of your decor or furnishings. Per the press release, Vanessa Peterson, PPG's global color styling leader for Industrial Coatings, explained, "Around the globe, we're seeing a movement from cooler, deeply saturated tones to lighter, warmer shades of reds, yellows and beiges." Bedrooms, living rooms, and reading nooks can all benefit from this shade's calming and inviting qualities.

Although "Limitless" works well as a neutral color, it can also be paired with bolder, more vibrant hues. For example, deep emerald greens, rich blues, or even daring reds can create a striking contrast that infuses energy into the room. An accent wall or carefully selected accessories such as throw pillows and artwork are perfect for introducing these captivating color pairings.