The Trick You Need To Save More Money Every Time You Shop At IKEA

Everyone knows IKEA for its range of affordable home furniture and the fact you need to carve out a day to get the most out of your visit (not to mention the meatballs). However, something you might not know about IKEA is that the Swedish store offers a membership program. Named the IKEA Family membership program and free to join, some of the benefits of the program include free drinks, discounts on products, member-only offers on select items, and a price protection guarantee.

Signing up for this membership is the key to saving money, either to spend on more IKEA trips or to put aside for a rainy day. Alongside the above benefits, being part of the IKEA Family offers heaps more advantages, especially if you're a regular shopper and constantly keep up with new releases. Here's all the info you need to know so you can shop till you drop without making your bank account suffer.

The card gives you a whole host of benefits

The main way the membership helps you to save money is due to the everyday five percent discount that applies to IKEA home decor and furniture purchases (note that this is an in-store discount). It may not sound like a large amount, but if you're buying a more expensive furniture piece, a five percent discount could help you stay within your budget. in addition to this discount, you'll gain access to exclusive offers and sale prices for IKEA Family members, so it's well worth keeping an eye out on your next visit. Plus, there are lots of hidden sales only available to members on the retailer's website.

Also, if you buy an item but the price drops a couple of weeks later, your IKEA Family membership has you covered. The feeling can be frustrating, but with the program, you have access to an extended price protection program. You can be refunded the difference in cost if the item is sold at a lower price within 90 days of you purchasing it. This benefit is particularly helpful during the sale season, so make sure to keep track of your receipts and keep an eye on the current prices of recently purchased items.

Gain benefits at no extra cost with you

Need a helping hand envisioning where an item can go? The IKEA Family program includes free workshops to give you inspiration on how to style your latest purchase. And, if an older item no longer fits your style, IKEA has you covered with its Buy Back & Resell program, which offers store credit in return for your old items. 

When you're officially all shopped out, an IKEA Family membership grants you access to a free tea or coffee so you can unwind after browsing. Finally, in addition to the above benefits, being an IKEA Family member makes you part of the customer panel, which basically means you are asked for your opinions. Though this sounds pretty dull on the surface, it gives you the chance to win $100 monthly, so don't snooze on the surveys when they hit your inbox. An IKEA shopping haul can add up quickly, but with the above perks, you'll be saving money as you go.