The Genius Command Strips Hack To Keep Your Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck

Of all the 21st-century innovations, the robot vacuum is not only one of the most convenient, it's also the one that brings us closest to the kind of futuristic life pictured in "The Jetsons." The ability to manage yet another household task with a "set it and forget it" application allows us to take on the many other responsibilities of our busy lives. It may even, on occasion, allow us a few minutes of rest. However, as the robot vacuum quietly whirs around your living areas, it can't exactly be left entirely alone, as it frequently gets stuck on — or underneath — your furniture.

If this is a recurring problem in your home, there's an easy hack to prevent it from happening. The simple addition of some Command 3M Hooks(or similar adhesive hooks) to the top of your robot vacuum prevents it from getting wedged under low-lying furniture. It's an easy fix to actually ensure you can start your robot vacuum and just let it go.

Use Command hooks to wedge-proof your robot vacuum

To keep your robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture, all you need are two Command Hooks or an equivalent product, as seen in a handy YouTube video. By following the directions, adhere one hook on the front of the vacuum, on either side of the motion sensors, as indicated in the demonstration video. From the video, it's clear that the curve of each hook faces forward, while the points face the back of the vacuum.

Once the hooks are applied and set as instructed, they will act as bumpers against your furniture, blocking the vacuum from trying to fit itself under tight spaces. As the video demonstrates, the sensors make note of the blocked passage and adjust to create an alternate path without stopping or turning off the machine. No longer will you have to dig your vacuum out from under your couch so it can continue its daily tasks.