The Clever Way HGTV's Alison Victoria Turns Old Vases Into Trendy Lamps

Vintage and secondhand vases can be beautiful additions to any room's decor. They not only provide colorful or richly textured decorative accents, but can also hold a variety of items, from flowers and greenery to matches, writing utensils, and more. These vases are easy to collect and accumulate over time, especially thrifted pieces that can often be obtained in great condition for only a few dollars.

A hack shared by HGTV's Alison Victoria on "The Rachael Ray Show" transforms a favorite vase into a stylish and functional lamp. This is a great solution for those with an abundance of vases and not enough time to use them all, or for those who haven't found the perfect vintage lamp to fit their design wish list. With a basic lighting kit, some hardware, and a drill, you can turn any vase into a custom, one-of-a-kind lighting fixture for under $20. The result is sure to be the envy of anyone who sees it.

Making a vase into a lamp

To begin, drill a hole in the bottom of your vase. When working with glass or porcelain, it is recommended to keep the drill bit as cool as possible, such as working under a stream of water. To mark the hole and prevent further cracking, place an X of masking tape over it. Drill a small hole that is wide enough to accommodate the cord from your lighting kit. You will also need to build up the base with stick-on small feet, pads, or a metal plate to allow clearance for the cord.

After threading the wires and cord through, bring them out of the top. Use a washer that has the same diameter as the vase's opening to secure the wires in place and upright. Next, attach the double wires to the screws of the bulb element as instructed by the kit, using a screwdriver. Finally, add your bulb and shade before plugging it in to create a distinctive lighting piece.

Styling a vase lamp

This vase hack works with various materials, including porcelain, clear glass, and stoneware. You can also create lamps from brass, copper, or aluminum vessels using a drill bit designed for metal. However, the larger the vase and its opening, the larger the washer you'll need to string the wires through at the top. If you want a different shade, sand and paint your vase. You can also create a hole for the cord on the back of the vase instead of underneath.

A lamp made from a vintage vase is a perfect addition to vintage or retro-styled rooms. They often resemble much older lamps without the fire and electrical dangers posed by older wired appliances. Try experimenting with different materials and textures in a given space, incorporating brass, clay, and porcelain. Small vases make perfect lamps for more limited surfaces like bookshelves and night tables, while larger vessels are perfect for end tables and entryway consoles.