Sprinkle This Kitchen Item In Your Garbage Cans To Keep Them Smelling Fresh

After a while, our trash cans can get pretty stinky. Whether it's the composting food scraps or Fido's poop bags, that odor can get overwhelming and stank up the surrounding areas in your home. There's a high probability that your kitchen already carries the solution to preventing your garbage can's stretch from getting out of control. If you brew your own coffee, you (and your garbage can) are in luck! 

Sprinkling coffee grounds into the bottom of your trash can will help to mask the unpleasant smells emanating from your trash can. Not only will the scent of the coffee overpower your trash smell, but the grinds will also neutralize the smell.

The caffeine in coffee contains nitrogen, which works to absorb foul sulphur-cased scents in the air. While this hack has become popular on TikTok, the odor-defeating properties in coffee have even led scientists to experiment with using coffee grounds to create eco-friendly filters that suck noxious gas from the air to curb the scent of sewage.

How to use coffee grounds to absorb garbage smells

While this TikTok coffee trash can hack uses coffee grounds in exterior trash cans to absorb smells, you can also use it in your kitchen garbage cans. The simplest way to use coffee grounds to stop your garbage bin from smelling is by pouring some into the bottom of your can before you put your bag in.

Don't worry about having to use the expensive stuff. Even the cheapest brand of coffee will do. And you won't have to buy a separate bag of coffee for this hack. If you don't want to use fresh coffee, you can use used coffee grinds. Just spread a thin layer of your used wet grounds over a baking sheet and let them bake in an oven at 250 degrees to dry them out before you pop them in your pail.

Another alternative to this TikTok coffee trash can hack is to create a sachet with your coffee grounds. Take a pair of old nylons and cut them just above the ankle. Fill them with your coffee grinds and tie a knot to close the bag. Place this DIY sachet at the bottom of your garbage can. This method saves you the trouble of having to clean up loose coffee grounds when it's time to switch them out.