Is The TikTok-Viral IKEA Pull Out Couch Really Worth Buying?

We all know an IKEA hack or two, but the latest thing to go viral from the Swedish store is the FRIHETEN sofa bed. Ultra popular on TikTok, the sofa/sleeping piece of furniture could be just what you've been searching for. The FRIHETEN comes in two designs — the regular sleeper sofa (no chaise) that costs under $800 with an over 4 star rating, and the sleeper sectional that's priced at about $900 with an over 3.5 star rating. As for whether this sleeper sofa is worth it, the answer for most people is yes due to its combined versatility and functionality.  

Both sofa options have built-in storage, the former under the sofa seat and the latter in the chaise section. As for colors, the FRIHETEN range comes with five color options. You can pick from black, dark gray, royal blue, beige, or another deep gray option. You won't struggle for space when it's time to sleep either, as the bed is a double size when converted. Before you head to the nearest IKEA store, we've gathered up the pros and cons of the FRIHETEN sofa bed so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to take the plunge.

The sofa bed has a number of great features

The first major plus of the FRIHETEN sofa bed is that, with the sleeper sectional model, the chaise can be placed either on the left or right side of the sofa. This means you can position it wherever you have more space. It also makes it a more versatile purchase if you redecorate often, as you can simply switch the chaise depending on where your other furniture is. If you don't want the chaise, you can also buy the FRIHETEN model without it.

Of course, the storage aspect of this sofa bed is also a main benefit. This storage space is reasonably deep and can be used for bedding, towels, or even just for everyday storage in a small home. As it's built-in, it isn't noticeable, either, so you can create a clutter-free room. Moreover, the price of the FRIHETEN is another positive factor to mention. While it isn't astonishingly cheap, the functionality and included storage make this bed more than worth its less than $1,000 price tag. Plus, while the color options aren't the most extensive in the world, they do allow for some degree of customization, a feature that's often lacking with functional furniture. 

There are a few negative things to note about the FRIHETEN

When it comes to negatives, a major potential downside of the FRIHETEN sofa is that it's firm. This may be fine during the day when you're using it as a sofa, but you might want to add a thick mattress topper when using it as a bed. There is hardly any padding, so if you like sinking into a soft mattress and being surrounded by heaps of cushions, you probably won't enjoy sleeping on the FRIHETEN. However, if you can sleep anywhere, the firmness won't be an issue for you.

Another disadvantage of this sofa bed is that it takes a while to assemble and disassemble. While this isn't a major game changer, the fact that you basically need at least two people to get it up and functioning could be frustrating, especially if you live on your own. Additionally, the cushions do lose their shape after frequent use, which could make your sofa appear old and dated. Despite these drawbacks, the FRIHETEN sofa is worth buying for most people, especially those who have a spare room/study situation or a studio apartment due to its versatility and good price point.