Use Dollar Store Items To Create TikTok's Favorite Spooky Halloween Light

Dollar store decor hacks are fun any time of the year but are especially enjoyable as fall weather and the spooky season settle in. As summer turns into autumn, these retailers fill their aisles with all the elements you need to create novel and custom Halloween and fall decor items that only cost a few bucks. Taking advantage of this, TikTok user Alexis Cutter (@lexieloowho123) recently showed off her ingenious DIY that will add a dose of old-world horror to your home.

Using several items that can be procured at your neighborhood dollar store, Cutter makes a cord-free lantern decoration that is perfect for lining a stairway, hallway, or outdoor area. You will need a set of plastic skeleton hands, a mason jar, some floral foam, twine, black fabric, and LED lights to create this terrifying skeleton lantern. You can make one or several, all for under $10 each, making this not only a visually frightful creation but also a budget-friendly DIY that anyone can do.

Making your skeleton hand lantern

Begin your skeleton lantern DIY by breaking down the skeleton arms to the desired length you'd like them to protrude from the wall, and insert them into a floral Styrofoam block or disc. To camouflage the foam, wrap it in black scrap fabric or paint it black. Remove the label from the mason jar and wrap the twine around its mouth, creating a hoop for hanging. Add a small LED votive light, as well as any elements such as Spanish moss, twigs, or other materials for decoration.

You can also paint the lid or base of the jar black, as Alexis Cutter does, for a more antiqued look. Using a nail, attach your foam block to the wall, placing your black fabric around it to disguise where it meets the wall. The effect is a creepy bony hand extending out. Use your fingers and palm to hang your jar lantern.

How to style your DIY lantern

A single skeleton lantern looks great when welcoming visitors to your home. Alternatively, you can create an entire row of these unique lanterns stretched along a stairwell or hallway. You can also customize your lantern to fit your desires, including using varying shades and varieties of fabric such as red or black velvet, burlap, gauze, or cobwebbing. While the fabric and foam are less outdoor-friendly, they are still perfect for covered porches or other exterior areas mostly free of moisture. Try lining them along a fence or wall to guide party guests or trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

You can also customize the colors of your jars by painting them with a mixture of Modpodge and acrylic paint to make them orange, brown, or blood red. You can even incorporate your own spooky drawing. While Alexis Cutter uses Spanish moss inside her jars, you can add other materials and elements like fake spiders, mini skulls, and other accents to match your Halloween design theme.