Why You'll Want To Wet Your Dustpan Before Sweeping

Okay, here's the thing: Swiffers are typically fan favorites. To be honest, the mere mention of cleaning the floor using a regular broom and dustpan makes many people cringe. It is not the act of sweeping that is the issue, per se. The problem lies in the fact that a traditional dustpan fails to trap all the dirt and debris effectively. That is — unless you decide to wet the dustpan before sweeping.

This wet dustpan cleaning hack is truly brilliant in its simplicity, and it has the potential to transform the way we approach sweeping the floor. Adding a splash of water to the dustpan seems like a magic trick — it effortlessly locks in even the tiniest crumbs and dirt. No more accidentally spilling everything back onto the floor with one wrong move. So, move over, Swiffer, because the humble dustpan is making a comeback with a game-changing secret weapon.

The power of a wet dustpan

The effectiveness of trapping dirt with a wet dustpan is not based on some mystical trick but rather on scientific principles. It all comes down to the unique properties of water and its ability to form hydrogen bonds. These bonds enable water molecules to stick to themselves and other substances, which is why when dust and crumbs are swept into the pan, they adhere to the water. So, really, it is all science at work, but we'll still let you take the cleaning credit.

While wetting the dustpan solves the problem of accidentally spilling the collected hair, dirt, and crumbs back onto the floor, it does create a slight inconvenience when emptying the pan afterward. Instead of a quick dump, you'll need to use a paper towel or cloth to remove the wet debris. However, considering the downside of accidental spills and the extra effort they require, we would still consider this cleaning hack a win-win situation overall.