The Cleaning Hack That Will Eliminate Odors In Your Carpet

Installing carpet in your home has plenty of perks, such as keeping your house warmer in the winter and creating a comfortable place to sit or play with your kids. However, carpet is prone to getting dirty faster than other types of floor coverings. Whether your dog has an accident or your child spills their juice, cleaning up carpet stains can be a hassle. While removing stains is possible, the smell tends to linger. However, using baby powder helps neutralize any odor from carpets, along with soaking up moisture.

Baby powder will only absorb small spills and smells. If there's a massive spill and you add baby powder, there's a probability that it will clump when it combines with the moisture, making it harder to clean up. Similarly, sprinkling too much baby powder on your carpet can cause build-up. It'll be difficult to remove, plus, it can clog up your vacuum — a light sprinkle is all that's needed.

Allow the baby powder to set before vacuuming

There are a couple of ways you can add baby powder to your carpet to eliminate lingering smells. If you're short on time, clean the spill with carpet cleaner and a rag as much as possible. Allow the spot to lightly dry, and sprinkle some baby powder over the damp area. Let the baby powder sit over one or two nights then vacuum the baby powder residue and enjoy your fresh carpet. Letting the baby powder set is crucial when removing odors because you want it to soak up as much moisture and smell as possible before vacuuming.

Another excellent way to ensure your carpet is in tip-top shape is by deep cleaning it with a steamer to remove dirt, stains, and grime trapped within the fibers. It'll help the baby powder absorb the odors better if the carpet is thoroughly clean. Once you deep clean the carpet, let it dry then proceed with the baby powder. You can apply it all over your carpet for an overall fresh scent. Remove all the baby powder by running the vacuum two or three times over the area.