The Damage-Free Way To Hang Outdoor Decor On Vinyl Siding

When it comes to decorating your home, sprucing up the exterior can be challenging. This is especially true for vinyl siding homes since this material is prone to breaking more easily than its wooden or brick counterparts. But, that doesn't mean adding your personal touch to the outside of a vinyl home is impossible. In fact, all it requires is specialty hooks — no hammer or nails needed!

Thanks to vinyl siding and command hooks, you're able to transform the outside of your home from bare to beautiful with your favorite decor pieces. Vinyl siding hooks hang securely in place along the ridges and seams, while the command hooks stick firmly onto the siding. Without needing to hammer or drill holes directly into the exterior of your home, you'll find it easier to protect the vinyl material. Not only is this hack damage-free, it's also super easy to carry out.

How to use vinyl siding hooks

There are three types of hooks that work best for vinyl siding: curved hooks (vinyl siding hooks), command hooks, and suction cup hooks. These types of hooks work best since they don't require drilling or hammering into the vinyl siding, which will leave behind a permanent hole if you ever take down your decor. Actual vinyl siding hooks are meant to hang from the seams of each plank, while the suction cup or command hooks stick onto the siding instead.

Choosing one of these hooks comes down to preference and what you want to hang. Vinyl siding hooks that slide into the seams of the planks are best for heavier decor items up to 12 pounds, while suction cups and command hooks are better for lighter items. One perk to opting for the suction cup or command hooks is the transparency in their design. These options are made with clear-colored materials that won't clash with the shade of your siding. This also keeps them hidden from sight so they don't distract the eye from your decor, either.