The Easiest Way To DIY A Beautiful Concrete Candle Holder

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There's nothing like a soft burning candle to create a soothing ambiance. The sophisticated severity of concrete is perfect for balancing this gentle glow and creating a chic look in your home. But why drop extra cash at the store when you can easily make them for half the price? Crafters on TikTok have been making them for less than $20.

To make one of these elegant concrete candle holders, pour concrete into a bowl or plastic container and press a smaller bowl inside. Then, you'll remove the containers and place a wick inside the center of your new concrete container. Pour in melted wax to complete your candle.

A 10-pound bag of Quikrete mix from Ace Hardware will run you $4. You'll also need some Vaseline or cooking oil, which you probably already have in the house. For this project, you can use two recycled yogurt containers, or plastic bowls, of different sizes — flower pots will work too. The candle wax will cost you about $7, with the wicks coming in at $6. You'll probably have enough leftover concrete mix to make more than one candle, and smaller candles can be made with the excess, or make one as a gift for a friend.

How to make a concrete candle

To make your DIY concrete candle, start by coating the inside of your larger bowl or vessel with Vaseline or oil. This will help you to remove the bowl when the concrete dries. Next, pour your concrete into the bowl. Lube up the smaller bowl on the outside before you press it into the concrete inside of the first bowl, and tap the larger bowl lightly to remove any air bubbles. Once the concrete has dried, just pull the plastic bowls off. You can lightly rub down your concrete candle holder with sandpaper if you want a smoother finish.  

Now, it's time to melt your candle wax. Some wax brands are suitable for melting in the microwave, but for others, you'll have to use a double boiler — be sure to refer to the manufacturer's instructions. If you want your candle to be scented, just pour a little essential oil into your wax. Dip the bottom part of your wick in the wax and use it to adhere your wick to the bottom of your concrete vessel. Then, pour in your wax, and tap the side of your candle holder with your hand to remove air bubbles. Let it dry, and enjoy your swanky new candle.