Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Home With Candles

Candles. For eons, they've been our beacon of light, whether for ambiance or necessity. They are used in the most romantic of movies and books as we lose ourselves in their aura. They also take center stage in places of worship and create character in any decor style. They often sit solitaire, glowing beautifully with independent charm while effectively bringing a room's appeal to life. They illuminate the home by brightening up the shadows and offer the finishing touch on any decorating. A candle demands attention for its multifaceted functions. It shines with so many possibilities.

Indeed, they're often used to enhance the decor or set the rhythm for a relaxing or romantic night. But they also offer scents that help calm the senses (via How Was Your Day?). Candles are appropriate for any mood and bring out the beauty of almost every environment. Let's discuss how to scatter these decorators' dream lights in any decorating schema.

Use scents to boost the room's atmosphere

Candles serve many purposes, one of which is creating a scent-sational room. Aromatherapy is wildly popular for good reason, and candles allow for both an illuminating glow and a fragrant extravaganza. Many people like the traditional scent of lovely lavender, which offers healing properties and a pleasant aroma. According to a study by Cleveland Clinic, the benefits of lavender include a reduction in depression and anxiety. Plus, lavender also helps promote a better night's sleep, so place a few lavender candles in the bedroom to ensure sweet dreams.

Try placing a lavender candle on the nightstands that book mark both sides of the bed to properly relax before hitting the sheets. You can enjoy them while reading a book, unwinding with your partner, or preparing your calendar for the following day. You can also put one on your dresser. Try lighting all of them before you head to sleep to really obtain a room that is fragranced with this lovely scent. 

Group them in threes

Three's the charm for an excellent reason — it's soothing to see candles grouped in three. In fact, according to School of Decor, putting together three different sizes of similar decor items is a general rule in interior design. The eye likes to see things grouped in odd numbers, and a set of three feels organized without feeling cluttered.

Keeping this in mind, try putting three differently sized candles on any dining room table, side table, or display case. The interior designers at Maui Hue say that the rule of three allows for a more asymmetrical and natural look. Too much matchiness in a room makes it feel staged and a bit cold, so seeing clusters of uneven numbers makes the display appear less calculated and more interesting. It creates a balance and lends merit to your environment's decoration.

Try displaying small, medium, and large traditional candlesticks together in fun taper holders such as these three differently sized black beauties from Amazon. If you don't want to buy holders, you can stack three similar fat pillars in different sizes. Either way, you'll create a visual delight. 

Place candles on a decorative tray on your coffee table

The coffee table is, of course, an essential item in any home. It serves as the focal point for many relaxing afternoons amongst friends and family. So let's ensure it is up to par with some conversational items, including a decorative tray with a delicately placed scented candle (next to your afternoon tea, of course).

Shabbyfufu reports that rectangular trays are the easiest to come by and work well for a coffee table. To create a vignette on the tray, arrange the tray with fresh roses or peonies in a generous crystal vase, three larger-sized books, one white ceramic box for the remotes, and one scented candle. The tray acts like a "catchall," so take this opportunity to get creative with the staging. You can choose objects that mean something to you or reflect your personality, layering them on different "platforms" like book stacks, plates, or boxes. Tuck a candle into the vignette, and enjoy its glow and scent during your evenings in.

Put them on candle holders on the mantle

Candles adorning a mantle create an atmosphere of warmth combined with a sleek style. For the purpose of decorating tactfully, we will use a clustered look. According to School of Decorating, a clustered collection can include candle pillars or candlesticks. The idea is to use similar decorating items for a successful cluster. Say you go with pillars on thick candle holders. Ensure you choose holders in different heights, colors, and textures to create interest and asymmetry. Just make sure that the mantel has a balanced visual weight, meaning the candles are balanced with another vignette on the opposite side.

We will start with a substantially-sized candle in the middle and then fill the sides of the mantle with clusters of smaller candles. This concept can be utilized with other decorative items as well. Think potted succulents or mini vases with flowers in spring. Adding a "living" element such as flowers, branches, or garlands with your candle displays helps introduce a rotating part to the design, making it feel less static and set in stone.

Place candles on the lip of your tub

The bathtub is an often overlooked part of the home to decorate with candles. Let's not ignore it anymore! Of course, it depends on how much room you have surrounding your bathtub, but putting one or two fat candles on the lip in a flat glass holder will create a relaxing ambiance. To avoid knocking over the candle jars, secure them with museum putty. Yes, putty!

Museums have used this genius idea to show off heirlooms for years. According to Get Simplifized, get the tacky putty and apply it to the bottom of the candle itself to adhere to the glass holder. Then, apply a little bit to the corners of the bottom of your glass candle holder. Finally, put it on the lip of the tub, and voila — a romantic spa-like bathtub. The putty doesn't leave a residue, and you can keep reusing it, making it cost-effective and relatively sustainable. 

Not enough room for candles on the bathtub? Try placing a piece of wide wood or decorative tray across the tub to create a platform for them. This is an easy alternative that's just as magical. Now, soak. 

Decorate the backyard with wind-blocking lanterns

Lanterns in the backyard can create an ambiance that resembles a fantasyland. Flickering lights inside lanterns invite a dream-like state. Suddenly, an otherwise stale yard can be transformed into a memorable spectacle of candles capturing the eye. According to Pottery Barn, lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, and oversized ones offer more opportunities for decorating. In fact, you can decorate inside them, creating a vignette for your candle. The first thing you can do is put some sand on the bottom of the lantern's base. This special touch allows the candles to stay put inside. Next, add two other smaller candles in front of the taller one. Finally, feel free to add small decor items inside to create an interesting display. You can choose anything from nautical resin decor items to textured cutouts to decorate the glass.

Try placing two or three lanterns on either side of your backyard furniture for a balanced look. It's also important to keep the lanterns from rusting while outside. According to Happy Gardens, keeping lanterns in primo condition is not hard. The secret is found in a coat of clear polyurethane. Reapply it every so often with a brush (or spray) to keep the metal finish in tip-top condition and protect it from the elements.

Create a kitchen vignette

You know those candles you have sitting around that you never know where to place? Let's create a kitchen vignette that will put them to use. First off, you'll want to have adequate counter space, or even better, a chest of drawers to display the decor illustration. Celebrating Everyday Life suggests you keep things symmetrical yet layered when creating a vignette. We're going to focus on decorating a wooden cutting tray. 

First, on the left side of the tray, place a large, ornate jug holding a handful of fresh flowers. This creates height, ensuring that the display won't be flat or too symmetrical. The greenery also adds some "life" to the vignette, making it appear more natural and allowing you to change the display whenever you change the flowers or sprigs. Next to the jug, place a ceramic figurine like an adorable pig or dog. To the right of that, put a circular vase with either real or fake cuts of greenery. Place that random candle in front of the greenery, introducing the power of scent to the visual display.

Create a candle centerpiece on the dining room table

Here are some creative ways to make that dining room table come alive! Candles allow you to decorate the table in different fashions depending on the season and your mood. Adorn the Table reports that one way to keep things interesting while recycling old wine bottles is to put a tall taper candle in them. In fact, this is a fun conversation starter for dinner parties. Another fun way to decorate the table is to place votive candles with small vases down the length of a long table. A benefit to this technique is that it accentuates the tableware you've selected. 

Of course, there's the ever-useful trick of putting pillar candles on a serving tray. This allows you to display your favorite tray and some pretty candles simultaneously. Plus, you can easily switch out the trays depending on the celebrated holiday. Or try floating some votives in a vase. Don't be afraid to add some rose petals to the water as well. This is always a fun way to embellish any table in the home and offers a unique way of decorating. Finally, there is nothing wrong with placing one tall taper candle in a solitaire candle holder on a dining room table. This epitomizes elegance and class. Happy decorating!