The Secret To A Streak-Free Computer Screen Is Already In Your Pantry

It doesn't matter if you're using your computer for work, school, or to stream the latest Netflix originals; a streaky computer screen can be incredibly distracting. The same goes for any time you're on a Microsoft Teams call or Zooming with friends and family: a streaky screen can cut into that coveted face time. Luckily, there's a simple way you can prevent these streaks from marking up your screen in the first place, and all you need is a tea bag, some water, and a coffee filter. 

If you're someone who looks for ways to reuse products around your home, then this hack is perfect for you. Instead of throwing out your morning tea bag, you can reuse it for sparkling, streak-free computer screens. You can even use this incredible hack to clean your TV screen as well, and all you need are some common household items and a few minutes of your day. 

Grab a tea bag

According to TikTok user @lenswegart, there are plenty of easy (and non-toxic) ways to clean your home in a pinch, and for this genius hack, you don't need any harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, many people run for a bottle of window cleaner, quickly spritzing their screens. Not only can these harsh chemicals break your computer or TV, but they can also pollute your indoor air thanks to certain chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. As such, you should consider discarding harsh cleaners and investing in non-toxic cleaning methods instead. They're safer for you, your family, your pets, and the environment, and this hack will leave your screens thanking you. 

All you have to do is take a tea bag, dip it in water, and rub it on your computer screen. If you've just finished your morning cup of tea, you can rub that pre-moistened bag on your screen instead. You'll see streaks — this is normal. You need a coffee filter to remove the excess liquid. Just give it a swipe across your computer screen for incredible streak-free results in no time. However, be sure to apply little pressure to avoid damaging the screen, and only use a small amount of water to prevent excess liquid from dripping into crevices.

Coffee filter alternatives

You might be wondering about the decision to use coffee filters. If you have paper towels or napkins handy, they should work, right? Wrong. When you use napkins or paper towels, you run the risk of scratching your screen. The only thing worse than a streaky screen is a scratched one, so avoid using these products in place of a coffee filter. Coffee filters don't have any lint and are soft, offering a streak-free finish to your screens, sans the scratches. However, you can use a microfiber cloth if you don't have any coffee filters handy. 

Since coffee filters consist of cellulose fibers, you can safely clean your screens while removing any stubborn smudges. Tea bags, on the other hand, contain tannic acid. This works to leave your screens sparkling and looking like new. Combined with your coffee filter, you'll have streak-free screens throughout your home without using toxic chemicals. You can even save money with this creative hack if you reuse your morning tea bags, and you'll work to keep plastic out of landfills by avoiding store-bought cleaning products.