Keep Your Wallet & Keys Out Of Sight With This Brilliant IKEA Plant Hack

How do you store your keys and wallet when you come home? It's common to have a simple table set up right at the front door so you never have to wonder where they are and can just grab them on your way back out again. If you want to go a step further, you might have a dedicated catchall tray or hooks on the wall to minimize the clutter in this area. One brilliant TikTok hack provides an even better solution that involves storing your items in a faux plant that doubles as an item holder.

In this TikTok, creator @our_bears_home uses an IKEA plant pot and a fake plant to create an inconspicuous holder for keys and other loose items on the foyer table. It's a fun, organized way to keep things easily within reach. For this hack, you'll need to go to IKEA to get a plant pot and a faux plant that you like. You'll also need a large piece from a cardboard box, some scissors, a pencil, and some glue.

How to create your own item holder

Start by placing the plant pot face down on the piece of cardboard and drawing a line with the pencil around the rim. Follow the line and cut out the piece. Next, take out the lid of the faux plant by disconnecting it from the pot. The branches should be attached to a flat base. Glue that to the piece you cut and glue some moss to cover up any parts of the cardboard that are still showing. Then, place it on top of the plant pot after it dries. 

It should be a perfect fit and able to come off easily when you grab the stems. "Just pop the lid off, pop your things in, put the lid on, and there you have it," as @our_bears_home declares. One nice touch is to add a real plant right next to the holder so you have a pair of cute plants sitting side by side on the table. Now you have a smart, decorative way to hide away your most important items and keep the entryway area free, clean, and organized.