The Kitty Litter Hack That Makes Keeping Moles Out Of Your Yard Easier Than Ever

Moles are menaces when it comes to disrupting the hard work put into maintaining a yard. They're great at digging tunnels and ruining the lawn's rooting system. While they're harmless to humans, moles have no respect for their property. Wherever there's dirt, moles will claim their territory with a few tunnels. However, an excellent way to deter moles from damaging your yard and keep them out for good is with kitty litter, preferably used. Moles despise the smell of used cat litter; they assume a lurking predator awaits them, so they always run the other way. A sprinkle of hot pepper can also work wonders in keeping moles out of your yard. They don't like the taste of spicy food, so they'll know to turn the other way.

Although kitty litter is a fantastic resource for keeping moles away, knowing how and where to spread the litter in your yard is vital. Finding the main source tunnel that moles travel through can be challenging, so spreading used cat litter all over the yard will make them backtrack when they enter any runway.

How to use cat litter to keep moles away

You'll need a plastic bag filled with urine-soiled cat litter, a shovel, a scooper, and hot pepper flakes. It's worth noting that you want to use cat litter that's been sitting for a few days instead of fresh cat litter. In addition, avoid using cat litter that has feces in it; urine-soiled litter is ideal.

Give your yard a quick observation to determine where the tunnels are and where to put the litter. The tunnels should be easy to spot; the dirt is lifted from the ground and forms a long symmetrical dune-like shape. If you find the entrances to each tunnel, it'll be easier to follow them. Starting with one tunnel, dig a hole with your shovel into the mound and fill it with a cup of kitty litter and a few hot pepper flakes. Then, measure out about three feet from the spot you filled, dig another hole, and fill it with cat litter. Repeat the steps until you finish one tunnel, then move on to the rest of your yard. Once you run out of tunnels, return to each hole you made and cover it with the dirt you dug.

Benefits of using cat litter around your home

Cat litter has many benefits other than deterring moles from your yard. Recycling cat litter by using it around your yard is also better than throwing it away in the trash can. For example, kitty litter is perfect for retaining moisture, so adding it to the top of your plant's soil will help trap moisture and keep your plants hydrated. However, because cat litter can have infectious diseases from fecal waste, it should only be added to non-edible plants and trees. Before adding any used cat litter to your plant's soil, ensure you scoop out any feces.

Even if you don't have a cat as a pet, you can use unused litter on your plants. Create a soil mixture with biodegradable cat litter and the plant's soil. Measure out equal parts of cat litter and soil in a bag and pour it into your plant's container. It's an excellent resource for new plants you're growing or transplanting into larger containers. The cat litter will hold onto the moisture when you water it and give it to the plant when needed. Plus, you won't have to water your plant as frequently.

On the other hand, using kitty litter on your plants will keep other pests and animals away from destroying or eating them. If you don't have a mole problem but other pests or rodents enjoy rummaging through your plants, add a bit of used litter and watch how they scurry away.