The Unexpected Fruit That'll Get Your Toilet Squeaky Clean In A Pinch

Cleaning the toilet is never a fun job, and bathroom cleaners are often filled with harsh chemicals like bleach. So, if you're looking for a more natural and eco-friendly way to clean your bathroom, try checking your fruit basket. Oranges, especially orange peels, are great for cleaning because they contain D-limonene, which is known to make surfaces shine. If you're worried about killing germs, the peels of oranges are also antibacterial. Rather than use a rag to scrub the toilet, you can simply use an orange peel. These fruits are also deodorizing and will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and fruity.

For those dealing with hard water stains, orange peels can help with that as well. Letting the citrus peels soak in the toilet bowl for a couple of hours will release the oils inside, which will help to loosen the mineral deposits. Once you take the peels out, scrubbing the stains off your toilet bowl shouldn't be as difficult.

Cleaning your toilet with orange peels

When combined with white vinegar, orange peels can be used to make a natural cleaning spray. Fill a glass jar 3 quarters of the way with orange peels and then pour vinegar over them until the peels are submerged. Tightly cover the jar with a lid and let the mixture sit for no more than three weeks, making sure to shake the jar at least once a day. Once a couple of weeks have passed, remove the peels from the liquid and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

This homemade cleaner can be used to clean your toilet, as well as other bathroom fixtures. Simply spray the solution onto a surface and scrub with a cloth or sponge. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, though some people don't like the smell. By adding orange to vinegar, however, you'll have a powerful cleaner with a refreshing scent. Whether you've run out of bathroom cleaner or are looking for a natural alternative, oranges can help you keep your toilet and bathroom squeaky clean in a pinch.