The Clever Way You Can Repurpose Old Yard Signs To Create Handy Storage

After any election and campaign season, you might be looking for a way to deal with the huge number of political signs dotting your yard and other public spaces. You might also post other yard signs throughout the year, such as those that announce community events or real estate updates on your home, and you may not know what to do with these as well. Yard signs are usually made out of sturdy corrugated cardboard and plastic and are meant to retain their integrity even in the harshest of weather, which makes them durable and ideal for upcycling projects. A great DIY using yard signs to make boxes and bins is cropping up in blogs and on social media, showing a perfect way to avoid tossing these items into the landfill.

Whether you are looking for stylish closet storage units or extra bins in the garage, creating boxes from old yard signs is easier than you think. This project only requires a sign, a ruler, a box cutter, a pencil, binder clips, and some glue. While conventional cardboard boxes may have a hard time surviving in moist places like garages, basements, and attics, these sturdy boxes are a great alternative and should last for years.

How to upcycle signs into boxes and bins

Begin by measuring the dimensions of the sign and plotting out how large and deep you would like to make your bin, allowing for folding room and overlapping sections to hold it together. Basically, you'll be creating a grid with a large square or rectangle in the center and scored corners that will create tabs. One side of each of the corners will also be cut and folded towards the middle, to create two opposite sides. While the material of yard signs may pose a challenge to fold and score, particularly if you are working against the grain, pressing down with another object like a dull pencil will help you get cleaner folds.

Once you have cut and scored your box, you can secure your tabs in a few different ways, including using binder clips to hold everything together, holes with zip tie attachments, or employing a strong adhesive like gorilla glue. If using hot glue or adhesive, use binder clips or clothespins to hold your box together until dry. You can also reinforce the edges with packing tape, particularly if you are storing heavier items. Leave your bins uncovered with the signage showing for a casual and colorful look, or cover them in contact paper, wallpaper, or wrapping paper to fit your decor style.